Electrical Division Kolkata Operation

Kolkata Operations having ISO Certificate Manufacturing Units at the two locations

Switchgear Unit at 14, Mayurbhanj Road, Kolkata 700023. Established 1969 with 3.30 Acre land area.

Brentford Unit at P-25 Transport Depot Road, Kolkata 700088. Established 1965.

Plant & Machinery

CNC Turret & Break Press

Injection Molding M/C

COM Pression Moulding M/C

10MT/5MT EOT crane

LV & HV Coil winding machine

Vacuum Impregnation Plant


MIG / TIG Welding machine

Testing Equipment

Travel Recorder

HV Testing Equipment

Spring testing/ speed measurement machine

Current injection testing kit

Conductivity test meter

Coil Turn / Gauge ratio check meter

Product Range

YULE Vaccuum Circuit Breker Panel

Features & Safety

Fully type tested and conforms to IEC 60298/IS

Suitable for capacitor switching & auto reclosing duty

HV & LV compartments are fully segregated


Minimum operating linkages, noise and operating impact ensure low dynamic loading

Because of no fire hazards, breakers are suitable for use in Oil Refineries, Petrochemical complex, cement, paper industry

VCB is restrike free and hence it is ideal for Capacitor Switching duty.

YULE Outdoor Porcelain Clad Vaccuum Circuit Breker

PCVCB is structure mounted easy to install vacuum switchgear for use in 12/ 36 kV system It is a porcelain clad construction like to conventional outdoor high voltage switchgear and is a Gang operated triple pole circuit breaker fitted with reliable and proven vacuum interrupters.

Dry Type Transformer ( UPTO 11KV, 1.6 MVA)

Dry Type Transformers have been manufacturing nearly 20 years are mainly were Class C & H insulated with polyester / silicon varnish impregnation.

Range 100 KVA upto 1600 KVA with a system voltage 12 kV maximum.

Advantages No Fire Risk, Lighter in weight, Efficient noiseless operation, No soak pit for oil.

Distribution Transformer ( UPTO 32KV, 2.5 MVA)

Distribution Transformer Range upto 2500 KVA with a system voltage 33 kV maximum.


Provision for Tap Changing Copper wound, having low loss design

Short Circuit proof design

Oil immersed type with radiator arrangement

HV-LV Combined Automatic Voltage Regulator

AVR save energy by automatically correcting the voltage to the rated value and reducing total loss of the connected electrical system.


HV-LV Combined AVR with in-built Transformer upto 3.0 MVA, 33kV.

HV-HV AVR upto 7.5 MVA, 33kV


Suitable for balanced/ unbalanced load.

No wave form distortion and Impulse & dynamic short circuit tested

12KV SF6 Capacitor Switch

It is pole mounted, SF6 gas fillied, light weight, outdoor type, automatic switch which will close or disconnect capacitor banks automatically according to load current setting.

Application Standards : IS 9920

Class : Outdoor Pole Mounted SF6 gas

No. of Poles : 3 (three)

Interrupting Medium : Gas filled

Rated Maximum Voltage : 12kV

Rated frequency current : 50Hz, 200A

Maximum Capacity : 600KVAR at 11KV for capacitor Bank

Current transformer ratio : 150/5 or 200/5 Amps.

12KV Auto Recloser

12 KV Auto Reclosers are used in many SEBs for fast & automatic restoration of supply following transient fault in the system.

Application Standards : IEC 694, ANSI C37.60

Type : Outdoor Pole Mounted

No. of Poles : 3 (three)

Interrupting Medium : Vacuum

Rated Maximum Voltage : 12kV

Rated frequency current & voltage: 50Hz, 400A & 75KV

Operating Mechanism(Close/ open) : Manual / Solenoid

Control Supply : 110V from 11kV/110V

12KV Sectionaliser

It is Outdoor, pole mounted, Vacuum break, automatic fault indicating device which have dual functions of reclosing and sectionalizing against fault on 11KV rural distribution network for voltage up to 12 KV, 400A


Fault indicating device indicating exact location

Isolation of the faulty section automatically

Pole Mounted type, Maintenance Free

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