Engineering Division ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Manufacturing Unit located at Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal, on a sprawling 20 acre area with modern tools, gadgets and machineries to make the best Industrial Fans in India. Established 1959

‘YULE’ Centrifugal Fan

Model Capacity

Flow Rate From 2000 M3/HR To 30,00,000 M3/HR

Pressure Upto 4900 MM WG

Temperature Upto 450 Deg.C (Continuous)

Speed Upto 3000 RPM

Power Upto 6 Mw For Single Fan


High Efficiency

Guaranteed Performance

Sound Mechanical Running, Low Noise

Quick Delivery

One Year On-Site Warranty (Excl. Wear Liners)

Very Reliable Service Back-Up By Real Experts In The Field

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‘YULE’ AIR Pollution Control

Electro Static Precipitator ( ESP )

Fume Extraction & Cleaning Systems.

Gas Conditioning Towers.

De-dusting Systems in Electric Arc Furnaces

‘YULE’ Water Pollution Control

Effluent Treatment Plant for Industrial Applications.

Chemical and Process Industries.

Sewerage Treatment Plants for Municipal Applications.

Water Treatment Plants.

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